Kate Allen

A graduate of Miami University holding a bachelor's degree in art education; I have worked for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for 19 years teaching visual art, contemporary craft and design, and AP studio art. I have also taught continuing education jewelry & metalsmithing courses at CPCC as well as various workshops through the McColl Center. This experience of teaching has influenced my work  by allowing me to experiment and gain knowledge in a wide range of media. Growing up I spent a lot of time playing in the woods on my grandfather’s farm, collecting stones and interesting bits of nature. I continue to love the outdoors and still spend a lot of time camping, hiking, etc. this has a strong influence on my work. During my residency at the McColl Center for Visual Art I was able to take a break from the classroom. It was a life changing experience and allowed me to focus solely on my artwork for 3 months and explore new media while making connections with the Charlotte art community.  At that time my work focused on functional mixed media jewelry and sculptural ceramics. My current work is an exploration of the ways in which women have responded to the changing political climate leading up to and following the 2016 election. In some works there is a sense of impending doom and hopelessness while others focus on the power and strength of women who are taking action to address the sources of inequality and injustice in our society. 

2013 McColl Center for Visual Art - artist in residence January-March

Works exhibited at: